That vampire must have bewitched me.
Anglis bit her teeth and felt that she knew everything.
But the more she listened to it, the more she felt that it was a waste of time for Anglis not to go to Hollywood to be a horror film editor.
Mark made a deal with the devil?
True or false?
Mark himself is the devil. What devil thinks he is too long to make a deal with the devil?
Anglis over there is the more she thinks so, the more she must look up at the operating room and say, "It’s this smelly little devil who must have been framed by the devil. Now the devil has come to collect the reward."
with this
I haven’t waited for Lailisi to understand.
Anglis is a family wizard, and her magic is to get ready to walk towards the operating room.
Lailisi quickly stopped Anglis and at the same time, her heart was cold and sweaty.
By the way, are there any normal people in our family?
Annie used to be one, but obviously not anymore.
Mia was a middle school girl when she first met, and now she has become the first foreign network of a dental platform in the East China.
Anything else?
Old Louis?
Lailisi ha ha shook her head.
Anglis looked at Riley in the road and said in a low voice, "You let this little bastard trade my two unborn granddaughters with the devil."
Lilith looked excited and Anglis quickly said, "Wait, this is another world. Even if Mark made a deal with the devil, the devil wouldn’t necessarily wear it here to collect accounts … I mean, the road here is much more expensive than any deal."
Leslie came here with her own dark wing.
As a result, when I got here, the dark wings showed that I was in a charged state …
Is that trading demon so stupid?
Will the account be forgotten?
Anglis seems to have turned around.
But in the operating room …
Anglis suddenly frowned.
There are two different dark smells?
Anglis looked at Riley in front of him.
Lai Lisi was also aware of it, but she looked at herself with her head down and went out with Gwen yesterday to do a good job of manicure together.
Now don’t pretend to be stupid. When will you pretend to be stupid?
Anglis frowned at Lailisi and said firmly, "Lailisi, you must know something."
Lilith gave a quick laugh. "Grandma, I think it’s better for us to wait for Mark to come out and ask him yourself."
Anglis quietly looked at quick Lai Lisi.
Leslie shrugged her shoulders in embarrassment, expecting something to appear to end this embarrassing scene.
Just then.
It’s like a gale.
The door of the operating room instantly exploded into the hole …
Chapter 62 Gluttony demon
Accompanied by sudden movements
Is waiting for the rest room all came out in succession.