Elegant and handsome, angel wings cover the sky …

This in front of you?
Give him wings. He can fly a grass chicken, not an angel.
Just because Mark thinks so doesn’t mean that others think so.
Mark also saw a reporter kneeling in front of the ambassador every day, gesturing and praying on his chest.
This fool
There are gods in this world.
But the emperor?
Stop it
Even if there is an estimate, Odin was chopped to death by a hammer when he brought the earth into the map.
But the universe next door seems to have an emperor.
Mark couldn’t help sighing and rejoicing
If it crossed the earth next door, it would be up to Mark to pull out the emperor from time to time to stroll around a few times.
Emperor, will that guy directly pose as an angel army to collect himself?
This is not possible!
Mark looked up at the sky and locked his eyes on his father. Warren worthington III said coldly, "You have five seconds to come."
"Let my father go!" Warren glared at Mark with his eyes fixed.
Mark laughed. "Who gave you the guts to think you could look down on me?"
Said Mark’s right hand stretched out his mind, and generate was inextricably wrapped around his fingers!
One second!
Feitian Warren’s face suddenly changed, and he felt that his feet were naked, which seemed to be caught by something. He pulled him and fell directly towards the ground.
at this moment
By all the people at the venue, the angel Warren smashed the ground and splashed several dust.
Mark holds one in his right hand.
Pinched it directly as if it would automatically send the neck to Warren.
This moment!
Mark took Jimmy in the other hand and played him.
To the naked eye, the wings of Warren’s back bird melt as quickly as snow meets Yangchun.
In a short time, Warren’s so-called superhuman physique and endurance also disappeared rapidly
Warren’s face turned red directly!
quite a while
Just when Mark was about to strangle Warren alive, Mark lost his right hand directly.
Looking at half squatting on his neck and coughing violently, Warren snorted coldly. "Warren worthington III intends to attack the federal police and try to stop the federal law enforcement. Congratulations, you are under arrest."
With that, Mark set his eyes on the reporter who came to attend this press conference and smiled.
Then he said to Adam, "Clear these people’s equipment and make sure there are no video materials left."
Adam nodded his head.
However, many journalists quit, and they talked about freedom of speech and civil liberties to Mark.
in this regard
Mark would directly say, "What happened here involves the National Security Patriot Act. Once there are photos in the newspaper after today, believe me, I will invite you to the station for coffee one by one …"
Many journalists "…"
Chapter 272 singling out social butterfly
After mark said that he regarded treason as an export,
Many reporters in the field looked at each other, but they didn’t have the courage to continue to defend their so-called freedom of speech
But among the reporters, there was a reporter from Horn Daily who stared at Mark with sunglasses …
Bright eyes …
A long time!
Mark watched Adam and his team members clear up one by one and watched many reporters delete the pictures they had just taken.
Not far away, Felicia has come with the governor.