Brain spirit has been trying to climb to the’ high place’ of this city and try to control things here and rule the residents.

This is mainly because it recently received … the news of the destruction of the dream core.
Although it can’t send signals to its companions here, it can occasionally receive some messages from its companions. It knows that … the biological population of’ Naoling’ has almost been destroyed.
Brain spirit will want to develop here for the first time, and then find a way to get out of here after it has finished controlling it.
Therefore, it was also the first to notice the problem of’ smart decline’
Brain spirit knows very well that if the problem of mental decline continues to go to this city, there is no doubt that it will be destroyed. Brain spirit thinks that it is almost impossible to live outside, and it must keep this city alive.
So the brain acted.
It used to … run a relatively large shop, which also sells pieces of brains, and quickly expanded the size of this shop to recruit more employees.
It makes these employees responsible for dealing with things that don’t continue to operate after the decline of intelligence, such as dealing with waste, and also sets up a team to collect resources outside the city to restore energy and nuclear output
The city of Nao Ling is getting bigger and bigger. It should already be a huge …’ company’.
Nao Ling also set up armed forces to be responsible for cracking down on those criminals, but when Nao Ling did this, the city’s intelligent system also declined rapidly.
For example, the weapon system originally had many powerful weapons, but now there are only some … machine guns left.
Brain spirit thinks it’s still impossible to go like this. Even if it can command the whole city residents, it can’t develop the buildings outside the French city
If you go to build a building outside the city, you will be violently attacked by the tomb glue, which is even more impossible on the other side of the canyon. The only way to develop is to control the urban construction and push the city wall … outward.
The urban construction system is also controlled by intelligence. Everything in the city is made by it. Although it has a strange shape … it is a pipe shape, but it can accommodate every resident in the city.
Of course, in fact, not every resident has a place to live, some residents have many houses, and some residents have not been able to pick up things in the rotting ground.
Buildings not built by the construction system will be destroyed by the defense system.
Naoling intends to control the construction system … not only that, it also intends to control all the development of this city.
So since then, it has been trying hard to replace intelligence to fuck some things in the city.
But this seems very difficult.
Brain spirit found it … can’t control these things, it can’t understand what some things will move.
If it just dismantle them and reassemble them … it will be attacked by the defense system.
Although the defense system has many problems due to the decline of intelligence, some of them can still be started
Then brain spirit decided to … Solve these automatic defense system first.
It worked hard, it succeeded, it controlled some defenses … The machine guns were only a small part, and most of them still operated automatically.
But the brain spirit believes that it will certainly be able to control all the systems in this way.
But at this time it encountered some other problems … It received a contact.
This contact … comes from the desert outside the city. It means that it represents all the tomb glue in the desert and asks the brain spirit … to kill some … creatures in the city.
At first, the tone of contact was calm, but later, it became more and more impatient and very … eager to kill this goal.
Chapter one thousand four hundred and sixty-two West and East
Kill it … or you will be motivated to attack the city.
It has always said so. Although it is the first time to communicate with tomb glue, Nao Ling realizes that this problem seems to be very serious.
The main reason is that it doesn’t know how strong the glue of the tomb is. All these creatures have been wandering in the desert outside the city. Occasionally, an aircraft occasionally tries to climb the wall, but it has not attacked the city on a large scale.
At first, the brain hesitated and didn’t agree, but the tomb glue immediately launched an attack. The first attack was quickly solved by the defense system.
However, the problem of brain recognition is far from over, because the amount of tomb glue is quite large, and it knows this.
So Nao Ling agreed to the tomb glue request … The tomb glue also said that the target it was going to kill was the rotting fungi … It didn’t say the reason, but said it was going to kill them, and the tomb glue seemed to be getting more and more excited as if it were going crazy.
At that time, Nao Ling didn’t know that these fungi were … Lin sent out the sterilization troops.
After the failure of these troops, they hesitated again because they knew these … fungi rotted and proliferated on a large scale.
In this case, it is not a simple matter to clean it up. In addition, there is almost no sterilization technology in this city. After all, fungi are not a threat to canned brain organisms in this city, and there are a few places that need sterilization.
The way to get rid of rotten fungi quickly is to manually control the city’s’ gate’ and discharge these rotten things into the canyon.
But this will inevitably lead to the canyon … That monster attacks the brain spirit. I wonder if the current defense system can win the defense of the canyon monster.
But the brain spirit thinks that the present defense system is enough to deal with the tomb glue, so it is decided … It is better to deal with the tomb glue than to deal with the canyon monster.
This is the case now. After Nao Ling decided to fight the tomb glue and knew that the fungus was Lin, it was even more … unwilling to deal with the fungus.
Tomb glue is the weakest of all the’ rivals’ in this city. It can be sure of this. It thinks that even if the residents of this city fight hard with them, they will not lose. After all, one side is hard and mechanical, and the other side is … something as soft as a piece of meat.
Many residents have noticed this, and they dare to fight the tomb glue even if they are not equipped with weapons.
The tomb glue doesn’t give them the only advantage, that is, those flying machines in the sand may do a lot of harm to the city if they collide with the flying machines.
But they all directly make the’ flesh’ fly in to attack a mechanical city in this way. It seems … not very wise.
No wonder the brain thinks they are weak.
Brain spirit … told Lin these things, and it didn’t seem to want to hide anything from Lin. Lin thought it might be the biggest threat to them. It wanted to show … sincerity?
Lin doesn’t know its specific idea, but Lin will not destroy the city, but will continue to … observe the situation.
After the chat, Lin continued to observe Nao Ling, and also continued her previous actions, such as understanding a tomb glue and what she wanted to kill Lin.
There are also pioneers who have climbed the melting zone and continued to make pioneers … Now they are almost finished.
In addition, Lin also decided to continue exploring here, for example, to go to the west canyon to see what the canyon monster is.
According to the brain spirit, the canyon monster is a … random name. Actually, they haven’t finished understanding whether the canyon monster is a creature … or a’ natural phenomenon’ here.
No matter which one does great harm, if there is no defense system, it may destroy most of the city.
Lin now lets a fluffy ball fly to the west of the city.
The city was attacked only in an area to the east. If you fly over that area, you can see that most residents are maintaining a normal life. Most of them are attracted by the incident area.
When I flew to the west of the city, Lin saw it … It is said that the canyon monster caused … damage when it happened.
There are no problems with the pipelines all over the city, but when you look at the ground, you can see more than a dozen huge … cracks.
These cracks are as wide as 30 meters, from which you can see the rotten cracks in the city extending to the west wall of the city.
The city wall looks fine, and the brain says that the city wall has been repaired, but the building system has not repaired the ground traces, and the traces have been left.
This has done a lot of damage, as if the ground of the city had been grabbed by a huge claw, leaving these cracks.
In this case, you have to fly to the canyon to see the truth.
The pompoms soon flew over the western wall and came to the canyon …