What if there’s no response from both races?


Mark won’t believe it if he kills Alexander.
Mark shrugged his shoulders and looked at Alexander sitting on the sofa. He said simply, "When I finish my work, it will light up. Pay me quickly so that I can get rid of your other worry."
"William …"
"What happened to him?"
"What would you do to her?"
Mark shook his head and glanced at Serena and Michael, directly confusing the latter.
Mark took Amelia to the sofa and smiled and said, "I think your voyage group can set up an ocean information collection office there. Serena and Michael are a good pair of employees and prefer to be quiet."
Alexander laughed directly after hearing Mark’s proposal and immediately said, "This is a good way to save William’s life."
"Are you Alexander?"
Just then Amelia beside Mark suddenly realized when her eyes fell on Alexander’s finger ring.
When Amelia was transformed by Marcus, Alexander had already faked her death once …
Alexander nodded, grabbed the fruit knife on the desktop and pointed it directly at the blood vessels of his arm without hesitation.
Being skillful makes Mark feel that this is definitely not the first time Alexander has done this.
Think about it.
Mark still said to Amelia, "Hurry up and smoke as much as you can …"
Amelia "…"
Chapter 315 Come and take over
In half an hour!
Old Marcus and Victor Castle have already been torn into several pieces.
When Mark and others walked in,
Vampires who are addicted to drunkenness have turned their surprised eyes to Mark and others at the door …
Mark glanced at Amelia around him.
Amelia received a gift from Alexander, and now her body temperature has returned to a cool state again.
This is no less than a natural tone in summer.
quite a while
Mark took the lead and went into the elders’ final resting place.
Suddenly, I saw Karen, who was not far away, panicked and looked around at the coffin that had already been laid to rest.
"… Amelia?"
Karen turned and looked at the skin around Mark, and the angelica dahurica was slightly flashing. Amelia said in disbelief.
Mark just smiled contemptuously and waved his right hand directly.
Look at the instant was suppressed to the ground by the mind Karen and four vampire soldiers loyal to him corners of the mouth slightly arc.
A moment!
After snapping his fingers, four vampire soldiers flashed four beautiful fireworks on the ground except Karen.
Mark turned to Amelia and smiled. "I think you know better than me how to punish traitors."
Amelia smiled and then looked at the ground and couldn’t move. Karen waved to the back.
Two vampire soldiers who came from Amelia Castle and were loyal to her went straight to Karen and set him up.
Amelia looked up and looked at it. It was almost full of daylight. In a cold tone, she ordered, "Nail his limbs and clip them to the door of the castle. I want everyone here to watch the price of betrayal."
"No …"
Karen’s frightened words of begging for mercy were just exported when she was unloaded by the left vampire warrior at lightning speed.
Don’t jump on the street when you appear in the original plot. Amelia is one of those scum
Amelia will be one of the three elders of vampires here if it belongs to the Five Slags of War?